Our mission is to restore California salmon for their economic, recreational, commercial, environmental, cultural and health values.

Our Impact


$20 million in federal salmon restoration funds steered to better projects due to GSSA intervention


2 million extra Coleman hatchery fry were released and started a DNA tagging program

1,000 ACRES

Restoration of over 1,000 acres of floodplain due to GSSA intervention to win permits


200 kids provided with on-water experiential education activities and charter boat fishing trips

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GSSA is a coalition that includes commercial and recreational salmon fishermen and women, related businesses, restaurants, native tribes, environmentalists, elected officials, families, and communities that rely on salmon, which reaches from Oregon to the Central Coast, through the Bay-Delta and up dozens of rivers in the Central Valley.

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Key Programs

Water Policy

Advocating for science-based water flow and temperature policies for California’s rivers to protect salmon and maintain healthy Central Valley rivers

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Increasing survivor rates of smolt from indigenous salmon to bolster populations for people and nature

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Restoration and preservation of habitat required for spawning, successful egg hatches and smolt migration to the ocean

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Creating future fishermen and women, outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists through on-water and charter boat experiences for inner-city children

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Salmon Under Assault


All the major salmon rivers in California are now dammed, cutting off access to habitat and the natural flows salmon need to survive.  River banks, side channels, and floodplains, all needed to rear salmon, have been badly altered. 


Restoring some semblance of more natural river conditions, with adequate cold water flows, and bank, side channel and floodplain habitat is needed to restore salmon.  Maximizing hatchery production is needed to keep the industry viable.


GSSA has developed a science-based plan that prioritizes restoration of salmon through a series of hatchery, habitat, and water flow improvements.  Science shows that leaving more water in the rivers is the single best thing to do to help salmon. 

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