Looking to buy fresh Golden State Salmon this season and support your local fishermen and women?

GSSA is working to help protect the 23,000 plus jobs in the salmon industry. One of the ways is with this list of local California retailers, fresh off the boat sales, farmers’ markets, and home delivery services where you can buy Golden State Salmon.  

Dave Hurley’s Salmon Tip of the Week

Update 4/27/21

Half Moon Bay: The weather kept boats either tied up or close to the harbor at the start of the past week, but when the weather window opened up at the end of the week, limits to near-limits of salmon were the rule south of the Pigeon Point line…

Monterey/Santa Cruz: Allen Bushnell of Santa Cruz Kayak and Surfcasting Guide Service said, “Anglers from the Monterey Bay-area have been watching for the big schools of salmon that were reported a couple weeks ago from the Morro Bay/Avila area…

Action Alert! Ask San Francisco to do its part to protect salmon and the environment.
If you live in San Francisco, or have family or friends that do, please help us urge San Francisco Mayor London Breed to impress on her general manager nominee, Dennis Herrera, the need to bring environmental responsibility to the SFPUC.  San Franciscans need an SFPUC general manager who reflects San Francisco’s values and leadership in protecting the environment and the City’s salmon fishing industry. 

The Problem

All the major salmon rivers in California are now dammed, cutting off access to habitat and the natural flows salmon need to survive.  River banks, side channels, and floodplains, all needed to rear salmon, have been badly altered. 

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California Salmon River

The Solution

Restoring some semblance of more natural river conditions, with adequate cold water flows, and bank, side channel and floodplain habitat is needed to restore salmon.  Maximizing hatchery production is needed to keep the industry viable.

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Yolo Notch

Golden State Salmon Rebuilding Plan

GSSA has developed a science-based plan that prioritizes restoration of salmon through a series of hatchery, habitat, and water flow improvements.  Science shows that leaving more water in the rivers is the single best thing to do to help salmon. 

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GSSA’s Mission

GSSA’s mission is to restore California salmon for their economic, recreational, commercial, environmental, cultural and health values.

GSSA, a Broad Coalition

GSSA is a coalition that includes commercial and recreational salmon fishermen, related businesses, restaurants, a native tribe, environmentalists, elected officials, families, and communities that rely on salmon.  GSSA has a board comprised of representatives of this diverse community, which reaches from Oregon to the Central Coast, through the Bay-Delta and up a dozen rivers in the Central Valley.

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GSSA is grateful for a diverse membership that includes informed consumers, commercial fishermen, commercial fleet professionals, environmentalists, scientists, business owners, and chefs and restaurant owners. Your membership directly supports the critical work of GSSA and reflects your commitment to local salmon.

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