Dave Hurley’s Salmon Tip of the Week

Bodega Bay:
To say that Bodega Bay has been hot has been an understatement, and with the big school holding above and below Point Reyes, Bodega has it all going on right on cue as July is the month of this port. Captain Rick Powers of the New Sea Angler has been scoring limits of salmon and limits of rockfish along with a few ling cod on every trip this week, and Sunday was no exception with 45 salmon to 27 pounds along with 25 limits of assorted rockfish. He said, “We hooked over 70 salmon so there were plenty of opportunities to put in the last five salmon for limits. The conditions have been great with a flat, calm ocean in the fog.”

Half Moon Bay:
After several weeks of ‘Red Hot’ salmon fishing off of the San Mateo coastline, the huge school of salmon that stretched from Pigeon Point to close to Half Moon Bay decided to migrate north in a hurry as within a few days, the school swam north past the Farallon Islands, past Fanny Shoals, and finally off of the coast of Bodega Bay. This doesn’t mean that there still aren’t salmon off of the San Mateo coastline, it’s just that the 25 limits within 45-minute days are over for the time being. Needless to say, the Bay Area fleet that consistently had been heading down past Half Moon Bay have reversed direction and are not plying the waters north of the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate:
Salmon definitely have fins, and the huge school that has been sitting off of the San Mateo County coastline went on a major walkabout, migrating up to 15 miles within per day. They made a beeline north from Pigeon Point, traveling as far as Fanny Shoals by mid-week. The party boats were willing to run as far as Fanny Shoals which is 38 miles from Point Bonita on Wednesday to put in limits. They were past Point Reyes out on deep water on Thursday, and they are still up there. The party boats that are making the long, long run are coming back with limits.

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