Make an In-Kind Donation of Goods and Services

Here is a unique way to help us keep California’s main salmon runs and the fishing industry strong. Without your help the term “California Salmon” may someday only be used in the past tense. 

Every year GSSA hosts four fundraising dinners to raise money via raffles and prize auctions. Quality auction items are the driving force for raising money at these events, which is where you and your company become a vital part of the success of these dinners. 

We have found that our fundraisers are not only successful in raising GSSA funds for CA salmon runs, but through social media, emails, and personal relationships many people hear about donated items and the companies and individuals making the donation. This means more exposure for you or your company. 

Items such as outdoor gear and accessories, rods, reels, fishing trips, vacation rentals, restaurant experiences, food classes, wine tastings, spa services, golf equipment, art, show tickets, electronics, professional services, and more, can all be auctioned for a good cause. 

GSSA is a Nonprofit 501-(C)(3) which means your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for your consideration of this request, your generosity, and your support of our efforts to rebuild California salmon populations for current and future generations. We appreciate anything you may want to donate and will put it all to good use!

Please contact with any goods and services you would like to donate.