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Become a Golden State Salmon Advocate – we will keep you informed via periodic emails and request your help when we need to provide guidance to a policy maker.

GSSA Annual


billed annually

GSSA is grateful for a diverse membership that includes informed consumers, commercial and sport fishermen and women, conservationists, scientists, business owners, and chefs, and restaurant owners. Your membership directly supports the critical work of GSSA and reflects your commitment to local salmon.

GSSA Heritage Member


Billed annually

Heritage members play an integral role in supporting GSSA’s key objectives – developing a comprehensive salmon rebuilding plan, gaining broad public awareness and support, and demanding smart water practices and effective salmon protections among agency and elected officials. You’ll receive a GSSA Heritage Member jacket in recognition, a Heritage Member sticker, and one (1) ticket to a GSSA fundraising dinner for the 12 months following your donation, but please notify us prior to the event to apply your ticket.

Additional Donation


We invite you to make an additional donation to GSSA together with your membership registration. As the only organization 100% dedicated to local salmon, GSSA is committed to ensuring that this highly nutritious native species and the sustainable industry that drives a $1.4B annual industry survives. Your gift of $50, $100, or $250 directly supports GSSA’s comprehensive salmon restoration plan, scientific analysis, and public awareness building.

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