Your Gift of Stocks or Bonds Can Help Restore Critical California Salmon Runs.

Thank you for considering a gift of stock, which is an easy, tax-effective way to make a gift to Golden State Salmon Association. Through gifts of stock, you can avoid paying capital gains taxes, may receive a tax deduction for the entire value of the gift, and support critical salmon restoration efforts.

If you’re ready to make an impact for salmon and all the people and wildlife that rely on this keystone species, you can transfer your stocks or bonds with the help of your broker or financial institution. 

  1. Please notify your broker that you are making a charitable gift of stock to Golden State Salmon Association
  2. DTC Number: 0443 (Clearing through Pershing LLC) 
  3. Account Name: Golden State Salmon Association
  4. Financial Institution: First Republic Securities Company LLC 
  5. Account #: 33L247856 
  6. Golden State Salmon Association’s Federal Tax ID#: 27-4187163

Stock donations are often received by our broker without the donor’s identity. Thus, it is important to let us know when you have made your donation so we can properly acknowledge and thank you for your gift. Please contact Scott Artis at