Burdened with stock you can’t afford to tell due to capital gains tax? 

Consider taking a huge bite out of your tax obligation by making a tax deductible donation to GSSASome of you may have bought stock in Netflix, Apple, Tesla or Facebook years ago and got it for a song.  Now it’s greatly appreciated in value and if you want to sell, you’re looking at incurring a big capital gains tax bill.  One option is to donate some of it directly to GSSA in return for a big tax write-off based on today’s value of the stock. 

Remember, GSSA is a federally registered 501c3 non-profit allowing donors to deduct any kind of donation.  Your brokerage firm will likely have a pretty simple form for you to fill out in order to make the donation.  GSSA, in turn, will send you a letter acknowledging the donation at today’s value for the stock with our non-profit tax ID number.  This could be a big win/win. 

Email info@goldenstatesalmon.org for more information

Donation Instructions 

The following transfers are covered by these instructions: 

  • DTC or Electronic Transfer of Stock   (Depository Trust Company) 


DTC or Electronic transfer is the fastest and most secure method for donating securities. 

 It is a two-step process: 

  1. Please notify John McManus at JOHN@GOLDENSTATESALMON.ORG with your intention to donate securities prior to initiating the transfer of securities to the Golden State Salmon Association. 
  2. Our account is held at First Republic Securities Company LLC (FRSC). Prior notification is critical to identifying your gift of securities, as donor information does NOT transmit through the DTC system.  
    1.   Broker Instructions to deliver securities to our brokerage account at FRSC: 
Deliver  To First Republic Securities Company LLC 
DTC 0443(Clearing through Pershing LLC) 
Account Number 33L247856 
Reference  {Donor Name-Year } or {Anonymous } 

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