Golden State Salmon Association’s partnerships, spanning state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and coalitions, and businesses, are a vital component of our many accomplishments. From $20 million in federal salmon restoration funds steered to better projects due to GSSA intervention to 2 million extra Coleman hatchery fry released and over 1,000 acres of floodplain in process of restoration due to GSSA intervention to win permits, we work with our partners to restore salmon for the benefit of all.

GSSA is a founding member of the Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership, a group that includes state and federal water and wildlife agencies, farmers and water suppliers, fishermen, and conservationists working together to restore and protect vital salmon and steelhead habitats.

As a member of the California Hydropower Reform Coalition, GSSA seeks to restore and strengthen CA salmon populations and push for implementation of improvements to benefit impacted these keystone and special status species.

Below is a partial list of some of the conservation and fishing groups GSSA works with as well as business partners.

Conservation Groups

  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • NRDC
  • Earthjustice
  • Friends of the River
  • Sierra Club
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Bay Institute
  • San Francisco Baykeeper
  • Cal Trout
  • Trout Unlimited
  • South Yuba River Citizens League

Fishing Groups

  • American Sportfishing Association
  • California Sportfishing Alliance
  • California Fly Fishers Unlimited
  • Coastside Fishing Club
  • Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association
  • Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust
  • Norcal Guides and Sportsmen’s Association
  • Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
  • Salmon Stamp Committee
  • San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association
  • Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermen’s Association
  • Water4Fish