Golden State Salmon Association NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW!

Formerly, a significant portion of GSSA’s revenues were from fundraising dinners. With the virus shutdowns, we had to postpone our annual Santa Rosa fundraiser, the biggest of the year, and it’s not clear when or how we can reschedule it.  Same for the annual San Francisco fundraiser. 

Many of you would have attended one of those dinners and gotten an annual membership as part of the price of admission.  We’re asking you to instead renew your annual membership. If you aren’t out of work and able to do so, to consider helping us with an additional donation.

We need this support to keep working on your behalf for stronger salmon runs and to restore the parts of California salmon need to prosper.

Why do you want to be part of GSSA and help Golden State salmon?

Because GSSA is the only all-sector Salmon group, representing both sport and commercial salmon fishermen and women and related businesses, to:

  • Successfully go to court to stop overly-aggressive water diversion and pumping
  • Get the biggest salmon hatchery in the state to experimentally truck fish to a release site aimed at doubling survival of the fish
  • Get the state to fund two new tanker trucks to increase survival of hatchery salmon
  • Convince the state to agree to nearly double the number of fish rereleased near the ocean, greatly boosting survival
  • Lift a lockdown on efforts to fix a major hot water problem in the Feather River
  • Get the CA Dept of Water Resources to pick up its fair share of hatchery costs to relieve the funding burden from the CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife
  • Get federal funding directed to eradicating major predator problems
  • Protect Sacramento River winter flows by stopping the raising of Shasta Dam

Last year, with only two paid staff members and two part-time freelance consultants, we accomplished all of this to keep salmon in the picture for you and everyone else here in California. Much of this work requires ongoing engagement, and some of it will go on for years before we see the full benefits. That’s why we’re reaching out to you, making our situation known, and asking you to renew your membership and consider making a donation to keep this effort afloat. Consider it an investment in you and your family’s future and, it’s tax-deductible since GSSA is a federally recognized non-profit organization. 

Thank you for your help to keep California’s salmon runs strong.