Golden State Salmon Association NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW!

We need support to keep working on your behalf for stronger salmon runs and to restore the parts of California that salmon need to prosper.

GSSA is doing work no one else can or will to keep salmon in all of our futures.  We know everyone isn’t a policy, legal or hatchery expert but you can help by supporting our efforts.  

Your support will help us in all of our work, from restoring river flows, floodplains and the Delta to representing the fishery in negotiations with state and federal agencies, to bring the state and federal hatcheries into more productivity.

Ways You Can Support Salmon:

Be part of GSSA and help Golden State salmon

Here’s a list of GSSA’s most recent accomplishments so you can see examples of how your support will help our work. We’re able to do this and more thanks to your donation and support. We’re giving voice to salmon fishermen and women throughout California, as well as those who simply value the rich natural resources we’ve been blessed with here. 

  • GSSA succeeded in convincing CDFW to use release sites further west in the Bay for hatchery releases in 2021, a move that will double survival compared to prior bay release sites. 
  • GSSA and allies legal efforts got the Biden Administration to withdraw harmful water operation rules for the federal Central Valley Project issued by the prior administration. This will boost survival of salmon and other wildlife.
  • GSSA forged a partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to produce and release an additional two million fry from the Coleman Hatchery starting in early 2022 and include state of the art parent-based DNA tagging to assess success. 
  • Succeeded in year two of a pilot project with  Coleman Hatchery trucking salmon 75 miles downstream to a safe release site to boost survival. Acoustic tags showed huge survival advantage for the trucked fish. 
  • GSSA and allies remain in court challenging State rules currently allowing unsustainably high levels of Delta water exports 
  • GSSA played a key role in overcoming federal opposition to increased releases in 2021 at Ft. Baker in Sausalito, one of the highest survival spots for trucked fish. 
  • Played a key role in getting federal funds reinstated for side-channel rearing habitat restoration in the Sacramento Basin. This resulted in miles of additional side-channel habitat being restored. 
  • Moved the state to finally work on a major hot water problem in the Feather River that’s killing salmon after 14 years of delay. (this could eventually spare 30,000 Feather River hatchery fish from culling and open an additional 15 miles of spawning and rearing habitat) 
  • Played a key role in deleting a funding burden on the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife by getting the CA Dept. of Water Resources to pick up a bigger, fairer, share of hatchery costs at Feather River Hatchery. 
  • Played a central role in restoring a major Feather River floodplain that will provide prime salmon rearing habitat 
  • GSSA efforts to protect and restore Central Valley rivers flows were followed by the State moving to impose better environmental protections on tributaries of the San Joaquin River. 
  • Radio ads produced and paid for by GSSA have elevated the issue of SF’s hardline stance on sharing water with the environment in the Tuolumne River, the SFPUC’s water source, and a formerly great salmon river. 
  • Led a successful effort to protect Sacramento River winter and spring flows by stopping the raising of Shasta Dam 
  • Succeeded in getting Sites Reservoir and dam project scaled back after publicizing destruction it would do to salmon. 
  • GSSA continues to ensure a voice for salmon in the press and public debate and to educate fishermen. 

Last year, with only three paid staff members and one part-time freelance consultant, we accomplished all of this to keep salmon in the picture for you and everyone else here in California. Much of this work requires ongoing engagement, and some of it will go on for years before we see the full benefits. That’s why we’re making our situation known, and asking you for your support to keep this effort afloat. Consider it an investment in you and your family’s future and, it’s tax-deductible since GSSA is a federally recognized non-profit organization. 

Thank you for your support of California’s environment, our great salmon runs, and the coastal and inland communities that rely on them. 

GSSA is a registered 501c3 and our tax exemption identification numbers is 27-4187163