Easy way to help boost salmon and you can help!

When the water coming out of California’s dams is divvied up… 

Through use of better hatchery release practices, we’ve seen a bump in survival of salmon from some of the hatcheries.  But the natural spawned salmon that used to combine with hatchery stocks to make for good fishing are almost entirely absent now.  This is due to choices made by state and federal decision makers to allocate natural river water to favor a few big agricultural water districts at the expense of salmon.  

We have an opportunity, and we need everyone’s help to make it happen.  The rules governing how much water is held behind dams for salmon, when it’s released, and where it ultimately goes, are currently being rewritten by the federal and state water managers.  So far we’re having a hard time getting them to listen to what’s needed for salmon.  

Salmon get the smallest piece of the pie.

If enough people say it’s important to balance how water is used so there’s enough for salmon, we can get them to write more salmon-protective rules.  We’ve made it easy for you to add your voice.  All you have to do is click here, and add your signature to a letter to the decision-makers in Washington DC.   

So please take a minute to help keep California’s incredible salmon runs in the picture for now and future generations.  Also, please share this with friends and associates who might add their signature too.  Thanks.