Little Chief Smoker + Wine and Beer

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The Little Chief Smoker, a mixed-case of some of Sonoma and Napa county’s best wines, and a mixed-case of local beer! 

The Little Chief is recognized by serious fishermen and food lovers as the product of choice for smoking their catch of salmon, trout and steelhead making them the most popular line of fish smokers sold in North America. 

Consistent Low Temperature

A consistent low temperature setting (165 degrees Fahrenheit) so you know that you’re smoking food at the low temperature you need… and not cooking and ruining your expensive and well earned batch of salmon or sausage.

Engineered Smoke Ventilation

Engineered for premium smoke ventilation including smoke circulation and proper dehydration. This ensures you get that deep smoke flavor and just the right texture when you’re ready to take your food out of the smoker.

Smokes up to 25 lbs!

The smoker’s capacity is 25 pounds, so whether you’re smoking a fresh catch of salmon, a batch of elk jerky, or your favorite sausage recipe, you’re sure to feed the entire family with the Big Chief.

Easy to Use

For 50 years, Little Chief smokers have been recognized for their easy to use application for all meats.
Trust us, your partner will be impressed with your mad smoking skills when you put smoked salmon on the menu for your next outdoor picnic date. Or maybe you want to be the hero who shows up with smoked salmon or homemade beef jerky to share with your boat buddies on your next fishing trip, we believe it’s good karma. We won’t even tell anyone how much fun you had experimenting with new recipes while sipping on some of Sonoma County’s best wines and beer!

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