We work very closely with staff and leadership of California’s wildlife and water agencies (Cal Department of Fish and Wildlife – CDFW, Water Board, Dept of Water Resources –

DWR) as well as with Federal wildlife and water agencies (Bureau of Rec, Fish and Wildlife, NOAA Fisheries – National Marine Fisheries Agency), etc.  We want them to fully understand the problems and practical solutions to improve Habitat, Hydrology, and Hatchery.  We also want to better understand their mission and goals to better work together.

We also work to inform state and federal elected policymakers about challenges and practical solutions for salmon and our freshwater environment.  We are helping California adopt policies and take action to provide water for the needs of our environment, and the sustainable needs of agriculture and people. There are solutions. California will have to invest more in addressing these issues sooner or later. Our salmon, a key indicator of the health of their habitat, are in real danger. We are pushing for solutions now. We actively collaborate with our Environmental NGO and fishing related partners to restore salmon to the goals set by the state of California and the Federal government.  That is 1 million fish returning annually to the Sacramento/San Joaquin river system to spawn.